As we wait to cross the street

As we wait to cross the street, Anna tugs my sleeve and points at the billboard right across the road that features a line-up, basically, of all the cabaret girls from a certain strip club. They are, obviously, all dressed skimpily.

“Sexy, right?”

“It’s ok.”

“Liar. They’re totally sexy. Look at how little they wear. See that? The second one from the right. Bet you like that huh.”

I steal a glance at the second sexy girl – she’s wearing one long red piece of silk wound around the back of her neck, with the two ends clipped to her pants (or underwear – I won’t know, since only the upper bodies are featured) and barely covering her nipples along the way. I draw a sharp breath.

“Too impractical. That’s not even clothes. It’s just nonsense.”

“Aha. There you go again – evading my question. I’m asking if you like it, not if it’s good design, sir.”

I look at Anna, who’s showing me that expectant look again. Totally adorable, but also slightly scary. I’ve heard how girls would ask their boyfriends all kind of impossible questions, to which only the most experienced of guys are capable of answering. And this, I certainly don’t know the answer to. Is this a trick question, or is she seriously wondering if I like that kind of costume? In which case, maybe – maybe – she will wear one for me someday.

“Come on, seriously. Do you like that kind? I just wanna know.”

I think I’m gonna take my chance. After all, what’s a couple if they can’t tell each other the truth?

“Yeah I kind of like it,” I concede.

“Oh my god. I knew it – all guys are pervs. Even you – even though you don’t look like one.” She wrinkles her nose and shows me her look of disgust, before wriggling herself away from me.

My heart stops.

Shit – I shouldn’t have told her. I should have lied. Screw telling the truth.  She doesn’t like me anymore. She thinks I’m disgusting. And a pervert and a –

At which point Anna holds my hands and smiles.

“Okay, you’re forgiven.”

Anna’s change is so quick, I don’t know how to respond. Staring at her, I try conceiving a thousand theories as to why?

“I like the way you panick. It’s downright cute, and it shows that you care.” She explains.

I sigh. Anna giggles and hugs me around the waist.

“Silly boy,” she mumbles while she buries her face in my chest.

So this is falling in love. One moment you’re at an indescribable high, and the next you fall into a heart-wrenching low. And then, before you have a chance to reflect on your pain, you’re lifted up again. What is this if not a roller coaster ride? Is this why love is addictive, like they say? Is this how it is dangerous?

“What are you thinking about?”

I look down just in time to have her lock her arms round my neck and stick her tongue in my mouth. This time, I am too taken aback to react.

“I’m way sexier.” She purrs after the assault.