Two things struck him

Two things struck him when he was gulping down his first glass of water in a long while: first, the sensation of flowing water through his mouth and down his throat to his stomach. His inside revived at the sacred touch of water, so that he could distinctly feel the water rushing pass his tongue, his throat reacting against the inflow of water then dragging it down, the running water’s vertical fall, and finally the filling of his stomach by the gush of water. While all these happened within the space of a second, he could feel them clearly, both as discrete units of occurrences, and as a unified flow of life-giving activity, coordinated to the highest degree.

The other thing that struck him was the start of an unusual resurrection in his groins, provoked by the nurse’s fragrance. First, he felt a swelling from the area between his legs, something he understood immediately to be unstoppable and irreversible, for even though his mind was alarmed by this uncalled for activity and wanted it to stop, the swelling continued readily with a life of its own. Very soon, this swelling uncoiled into its full length, so that it erected almost proudly, a hard, unyielding call for attention.

And attention it drew, from the nurse who couldn’t help but notice the steady growth that now prodded the thin gown with pride. At first shocked, and then quickly embarrassed, she wanted to leave the patient right away but couldn’t, since she had to retrieve the now empty glass from him. She tried desperately to focus on the glass, behind which the patient’s gaunt and bearded face showed, and quickly reached out to pull the glass back. By now, he had also understood the cause of his sudden mutation, so that he stared hungrily at the young woman, his groin boiling with desire. The nurse noticed this with fear, and hurriedly put the glass back on the table and left. Even as she strode quickly away from him, though, the image of the old man’s expanded manhood filled her head and pounded her heart.


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