Pati was the eldest daughter

Pati was the eldest daughter of her now disjointed family. Having lost her siblings in a freak accident whereby a speeding car swerved right off the highway and down into her hut, killing all three of the children but herself, she long learned to accept the unpredictable cruelty of fate. Then her husband divorced her when he was found to be seeing another woman, accusing her of adultery instead. (This same husband was soon found dead with his lover, in the middle of an intimate but clearly fatal act.) Everything in life she bore with dignity and unrelenting silence, but when her mother escaped to the other world in sleep, she had to release her hidden tears before they drowned her in pain.

By now, Pati saw herself as a hardened woman – or rather, person – she no longer saw herself as either female or male, but a mere breathing creature who had to work and feed herself before death finally beckoned her to join the rest of the family.

When she saw the magical appearance of the old man in the middle of the streets, though, something awakened in Pati. And that something was to lead her down a path she had never foreseen herself taking until that very moment.


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